Seasonal Methodologies

Seasonal Methodologies

Reinvent Your Summer Skincare Routine

As summer arrives, we’re often too busy updating our warm weather wardrobes and hitting the beach to worry about skin care. But by summer-izing your skin care routine, you’ll ensure a healthy, gorgeous look that lasts long after your bikini is put away for the fall. From bronzers to sunscreen, discover how to reinvent your summer skin care routine.

Embrace SPF

The number one most important part of your skin care routine is to protect your skin from the sun. Even though SPF should be a regular part of your regimen all year round, summertime brings more direct rays from the sun. So, whether you live in Arizona or Alaska, it’s essential to amp up your arsenal of SPF products before the weather gets warm.

Sunscreen has a shelf life of about one year, so it’s recommended to start each summer with fresh formulas to ensure efficacy. Always look for UVA/UVB protection or “broad spectrum” on the label to make sure it blocks out all types of rays. Generally, the higher the SPF the better, although keep in mind that an SPF of 60 provides less than 2 percent more protection than SPF 30. When it comes to optimal protection, it’s more important to apply thoroughly and frequently.

Always Exfoliate

Summer is the time to show off your skin. Exfoliation helps maintain a fresh, healthy complexion from head to toe by sloughing away dead skin cells. Exfoliation also improves the efficacy of shaving and self-tanning. Just make sure not to overdo it, especially when it comes to the face – use a gentle product that doesn’t irritate, and stick to just a few days per week, not every day.

Achieve a Smooth Shave

Summer is the time to dig out the shorts, swimsuits and sleeveless tops. With fewer clothes comes more frequent shaving. This summer, show off smooth skin that’s free of stubble or irritation.

Embrace Summer Inspired Makeup

Summer is an ideal time to embrace a more laid back look – especially if your itinerary includes outdoor activities like picnics and afternoons at the beach. Swap heavy formulas and dramatic shades for those that are lighter.

The Summer of Skincare

This summer, amp up your arsenal of SPF and oil-free formulas while embracing exfoliators, shimmery shades of eye shadows and sheer lip shines. Whether it’s summer or winter, embracing a seasonal approach to skin care helps support healthy, strong skin all year round.

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